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Welcome to the revealing world of Red Team News

Historically, a “Red Team” was a group of military personnel playing the role of adversaries, the role of the enemy or opposing force team (“RED”), as opposed to the friendly forces team (“BLUE”). With time, the red team’s mission and capabilities evolved and they turned into a force tasked with challenging the security posture of military bases, outposts and other “targets” of interest.

Red Team members think outside the box looking at a problem from multiple perspectives at the same time, often probing the sides of a problem – or solution – that were never considered. The Red Team News philosophy seeks to apply this principal to the ever-growing World of online, broadcast and printed news.

At Red Team News we take articles from mainstream and alternative news sources relating to trending topics in the news, these sources are derived from liberal, conservative, mainstream and alternative news sites. We read the articles, examine them and their sources. We post them in their entirety and then put the methodology of the Red Team to work by taking the same articles and redacting all things that are opinion and hearsay, subtracting the politicized dogma and agendas of the media and their sponsors, leaving only the substantive facts behind these stories and breaking down how these facts relate to history and the world around us allowing readers to form their own informed opinions based on the facts at hand instead of bias.

So welcome to the new horizon of knowledge…Red Team News.

News minus opinion and agenda, just facts!

~ Christopher Jordan ~

Founder – Red Team News

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